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Would you buy a ‘15 GLK 250 today?

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Folks, I’ve been presented with a truly mint, 2015, local fastidious 1-owner, 73k mile, dealer maintained 250BT that had the recall performed in ‘21,10k miles ago and has always had regular servicing. No apparent issues prior to or since the ‘recall’. I guess that gives me a remaining three years and 38k miles+ of warranty on vital emissions components.

I own a few MB’s (including a 300 TD) but have always liked the GLK and could see using it 80/20 Highway/local for 15k miles/year for my 100-mile (each way) weekend commutes to a vacation home and other Highway trips. So pretty much ideal conditions for a diesel.

I’ve been around forums long enough to know that it’s usually the people with problems that post. In a perfect world, I’d probably avoid ANY diesel now for trending reasons. But given the overall excellent history of this vehicle, is it a safe bet it will only need regular services for another few years? Any real reason to run away?
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LOL up here in the great white north gas is about $!:65L diesel is $2;33L haven't looked but there must be lots for sale
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