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My car is a 1984 190E with about 115,000 original miles.

Last night I was driving on US-50 when a bicycle fell from a car in front of me. Nothing I could do except running over it. I stopped immediately on the shoulder and stopped the engine. Long story short, it punctured the oil-pan and did some minor damage in the bottom of the fender. I had it towed to my mechanic and the quote to fix it is $1,000.

The car has some dings and scratches like one would expect from a car this old. This summer the AC stopped working. Cruise control does not work. Everything else works and the car runs great. I use it very little as I work from home.

My mechanic says that I could get $300 if selling it like it is, or $2,000/2,500 if fixing it. I was planning to sell it in May anyway.

I wonder if I should I fix it or not...

Any advice will be appreciated.
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