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Hello everyone,

I keep having a problem with the wood trim that is on the front driver's and passenger's doors of my 2002 S430. The trim keeps becoming loose because the plastic clips keep breaking. I have replaced both sides thrice already and today made it the fourth time for the driver's door. The dealer charges me $4.00 per clip so the price of keeping up with the wood trim climbs very quickly. I install them by putting the plastic clip into the hole and then inserting the metal retaining clip and finish by pressing the wood trim into each slot until the clicking sounds stop ensuring that the wood trim is in completely. I saw that someone on MBworld has the same problem as me but no one responded to this thread. I thought that it may be the heat that causes the expansion and shrinkage of the wood plastic but that is just a guess. Does anyone suffer from this problem and know the cause as well as a solution?

This is a link to a thread that starts with a post that has pictures of the wood trim and clips that I am referring to:

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The clips are rubbish, I have seen lots of these and the problem remains. New clips simply do not last long. Sorry I cannot give a better reply but it is a headache for the Dealers as well.
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