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Wood grain? help

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My 99 E 320 4 Matic Benz has the dark brown wood grain, and recently the front right passenger door side (where the seat controls are) wood grain cracked really bad, I know that they sell many extra wood grain parts and shift knobs but I havent found a place that would have this part, I am too scared to head over to the local Mercedes dealer because they will definately charge me way more than this small wood grain part would cost, does anybody know a place where I can purchase this online?
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I have seen the whole inner door panels for sale on ebay. If all you want is the wood trim, you don't have to bother what colr the panel is. Also check with salvage yards too. There are people who change the wood form the stock color to others and sell off the original set too.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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