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Now the bummer of it is, while the window worked 100% before I put the inside panel back on the door frame, at some point while replacing the inside paenl, the relay in the fusebox decided it had had enough, and died.

Initially, I was heartbroken, as I'd taken my time, on a damned hot & humid day here in Austin, getting it all back together properly. I'd even checked before putting the panel on that the window went completely down and back up. All was well.

Well, I was miffed until I found the RF window didn't work, either, which pointed immediately to a fuse/relay problem.

I have the relay out, and tried to take the cover off it, to see it it's burned inside, broken, or whatever else may have happened, but I canot remove the cover. At least not without a high risk of putting a screwdriver through my hand... That's happened one time in the past, when I was about 14, I like to think I've learned that lesson the one time I needed to learn it.

Is there anything I should check before slapping another one in? I hope I have a replacement relay in my milk crate of junkyard parts, but I'm not certain, and I don't want to cook a second one, if possible.


Edit: I pried the cover off the old one, carefully, and while it looks fine inside, it flat-out doesn't work. Unfortunately, my bag of electrical junkyard finds, and power window switches sent to me by cool people on this fourm, doesn't have another relay in it. Those are the first to go at salvage yards, though I've scored fuses on occasion...and I've yet to look for one here in the Austin-area. At least the local dealer appears to price parts at about 75% or retail, and I received the 'you're-keeping-an-old-one-on-the-road' bonus of an additional 25%, so 50% of retail.

I kind of want to experiment with one of the remaining five relays, but I'm not sure what four of them do. The other power window relay is obvious. The relays in sockets labeled E, F, H, and I, IIRC, don't have any documentation on the fuse box lid.
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