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what an interesting forum..

I have a 1985 500SEL (63 Original Miles)

I had the car for about one month.
today I went and washed the car in (30 Degree temp) and parked it in the garage... after 1 hour I tried to start it and I got shocked.. Car wont start.. it cranks but wont start
The car has new battery (from the shape of it)
I was reading some threads and people were saying it could be the fuel pump or fuel pump relay

please if you can direct me to exactly how to test either. I am not a mechanic, but I have a mechanic friend who will help me diagnose..

I appreciate your time and help


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I don't know anything about your fuel delivery problem, but I have a cash resolution. I'll pay you $30,000 cash for your car right this instant!

(You did say 63 original miles, didn't you?)

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