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Won't Go into R or P when cold, Linkage?

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1994 E320 Sedan. 144500 miles. Car runs well overall. When car is cold in cold weather months, if I drive just a mile and try to park, I have to leave it in neutral and the gear lever will not go into Park or Reverse. Today I had to wait 15 minutes until the engine was near 80 C as I forgot and parked in a spot where I could not drive forward. Once the car or transy warms up, after a few tries, it works and all is fine for the rest of the day. Is this a linkage problem? Seemed to happen after I changed the gear lever out to a zebrano wood one in March 2010. Only happens in the cold weather.
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...while we're on this topic of trans fluid and fluid levels can anyone confirm the COLD pre start correct fluid level? ive seen mb applications that say "10mm below full line" would be the same as full line when hot. can this be applied in a w124? its real hard (maybe just for me) to see the fluid on the stick.
...I added too much fluid to mine when I tried to bring it up just a little. small amount of fluid went a long way to top it off. when I saw it overfull I bought a simple suction pump at harbor freight and pumped out the access. funny thing was when the pump stopped pumping fluid the dipstick was also on the money when I checked it. again I was a little surprised at how liitle fluid was representative of being over full.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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