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Wonderful Wonderful 4Matic

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This is my first post. Just want to state for the record, I’m no stranger to Mercedes. I currently own a 1971 250C (love it) and was saving for a G500 or G55 to stable with a 1997 E420. I have always viewed the body of the 210 as timeless art that I never tire of looking at. The 1997 E420 was a great road car but didn’t handle the snow in New England well enough for the wife (this was my excuse to bring a G500 home). Then a light went on in my head, why not trade the 1997 e420 in on one of those e430 4matic rigs and get the G500 next year then have two capable snow vehicles. Let me tell you, I found a Brilliant Silver / Charcoal 2001 e430 4matic to replace my 1997 Brilliant Silver / Charcoal e420. The e430 4matic has more options than the outgoing e420 except the Xenon’s (which I’ll fix). But what really surprised me today was the 4matic drive. New England didn’t get slammed with snow today but enough to make it difficult. So, I took the 4matic to the grave yard. Yes, the grave yard (with the wife) and traversed every unplowed little roadway there was for about 30 minutes. Then, after clearing the snow from around the house, I took a ride through the neighborhood and went up every steep hill and unplowed side streets for about 45 minutes and have never driven any vehicle in my life that could do the things this 4matic did. I tried to get stuck and could not. I mean could not!!!!!! I don’t have permanent snow tires on the car either, I’m running a set of Michelin Pilot Sports All Seasons (a little pricey at Tirerack $191.00) but it can’t just be the tires. I’m now thinking of taking my saved G500 money and getting that second Harley. I have my ultimate snow vehicle – ps, I know the G500 is far, far superior in this regard but I’m really pleased with what this car can do. What an innovation for Mercedes. This is one of those gadgets that work for the better good and not against you.

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I would saved the money on the G500, buy yourself some Dunlop Wintersport M3 tires and rims, and go buy another Harley and a BMW bike:D

I too wanted a G, but realized that what I would dirve it for, it would be completely underused.

I had a ML320 before my wagon, and think that for onroad driving, the E is far superior.

You have made a great choice.
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