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wobbling pulley on > 2000 SL?

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I read an evaluation of a 2001 SL500 on and was surprised to find the following:

“... we’re aware of failing crankshaft pulleys on many of the 2000 and later V-6 and V-8 cars. If left unchecked the wobbling pulley will slowly machine a nice groove in the front engine cover eventually requiring its replacement, a very expensive repair... “

I had never heard about this before. Is this a common problem on our cars?

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The specific part you're referring to is the harmonic balancer. On some model years involving the 113 engine, the balancer was found to defective and part of a recall by MB. An advance search on 'harmonic balancer' should bring up the previous discussions of this recall.
This link will take you to a schematic that shows the harmonic balancer (with the pulley on the end of it) also refered to as a 'vibration absorber'.

If this site asks you for a VIN#, use WDBFA68F4XF180477
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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