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wishing for a hybrid ML

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with the price of gas and the mpg rating of our ML, hopefully we'll see the hybrid model in the near future...the Toyota Harrier (Lexus RX400h) and Kluger (Highlander) will soon be selling in on please...

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RE: Diesel...

Wolfgang - 3/25/2005 10:36 AM

And diesel fuel economy is better: The E320 CDI gets 38 MPG on the highway, the RX400h only 26 MPG.
Yeah, but the RX400h has a 0-60 of 7.2 seconds; the ML320CDI is 2 seconds slower. The RX is not designed to optimize economy, obviously. Hybrids that are can achieve better than diesel economy, expecially in the City. Even the RX is rated at 30 mpg City.

There are diesel hybrids, too, of course, if you want the ultimate.
aleveran - 3/25/2005 4:55 PM

Hybrid cars… Lets see… with the initial higher cost and following maintenance cost (replacing very expensive battery cells, and likely some electrical parts) you will have to use this car for 59 years just to get cost even with the conventional car. (compared Honda LX and Honda Hybrid, read in MotorTrend magazine)

Also, there are some safety and environmental issues being raised now. Such as 1. in the race for fuel efficiency these cars getting lighter and lighter (more plastics) 2. in case of accident/fire electro acid cell fumes are very harmful. 3. recycling of battery cells is harmful for the environment.

Therefore, my vote will be for ‘Diesel’ if situation changes here in US. So far Diesel cars cost more, and diesel fuel cost more then a premium gas! In Europe situation is complete opposite.
You raise good questions about hybrids. At this point it may be more about "doing the right thing" than an economic choice, but the situation should improve as hybrid costs come down and fuel prices go up. Lexus claims their batteries are good for the life of the car. They use lithium ion, which are safer and less risky for the environment, than lead acid.
RE: Diesel...

Wolfgang - 3/25/2005 5:14 PM

GregW / Oregon - 3/25/2005 4:03 PM
Yeah, but the RX400h has a 0-60 of 7.2 seconds; the ML320CDI is 2 seconds slower.
Greg, Lexus gives 7.3 seconds for the 0-60. The ML320 CDI is 8.6 0-100 km/h, and should be a little less for the 0-60, so it's probably closer than a two seconds difference. City fuel economy is probably better in the Lexus, but on the highway the ML320 CDI has the advantage.
Well, the numbers depend upon where you look, I guess. From GCF reprint of M-B press release they claim 9.4a 0-62:

From Auntomobile Magaxine online -
Press the pedal to engage the full piston-electric team, and you're whisked to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds, only 0.7 second slower than a Cadillac SRX V-8.

From German Car Fans reprint of M-B press release -

ML 280 CDI : ML 320 CDI : ML 350 : ML 500

140 kW/190 hp : 165 kW/224 hp : 200 kW/272 hp : 225 kW/306 hp

Max. torque at rpm
440 Nm (1400-2800 rpm) : 510 Nm (1600-2800 rpm) : 350 Nm (2400-5000 rpm) : 460 Nm (2700-4750 rpm)

0–100 km/h
10.4 s : 9.4 s : 8.4 s : 6.9 s

Max. speed
200 km/h : 210 km/h : 215 km/h : 235 km/h

Fuel consumption*
9.4 l/100 km : 9.4 l/100 km : 11.5 l/100 km : 13.1/100 km

But, I just found your 8.6 time here:
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RE: I'd like a diesel hybrid as well

kenyee - 3/27/2005 3:17 PM

That would make the greenies go frothing at the mouth as they try to figure out whether to damn it or praise it [:D]

But seriously, I also wonder how long it is before the hybrid batteries need replacement (at one point, I read at a cost of $2-3K!) and whether the extra hardware is more problem prone since it violates the KISS rule.
As I mentiond earlier, Lexus claims "lifetime" batteries for the RX330. Don't know what theat means when they go out in 10 years.
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