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wishing for a hybrid ML

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with the price of gas and the mpg rating of our ML, hopefully we'll see the hybrid model in the near future...the Toyota Harrier (Lexus RX400h) and Kluger (Highlander) will soon be selling in on please...

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Hybrid cars… Lets see… with the initial higher cost and following maintenance cost (replacing very expensive battery cells, and likely some electrical parts) you will have to use this car for 59 years just to get cost even with the conventional car. (compared Honda LX and Honda Hybrid, read in MotorTrend magazine)

Also, there are some safety and environmental issues being raised now. Such as 1. in the race for fuel efficiency these cars getting lighter and lighter (more plastics) 2. in case of accident/fire electro acid cell fumes are very harmful. 3. recycling of battery cells is harmful for the environment.

Therefore, my vote will be for ‘Diesel’ if situation changes here in US. So far Diesel cars cost more, and diesel fuel cost more then a premium gas! In Europe situation is complete opposite.
GregW / Oregon - 3/25/2005 5:13 PM
You raise good questions about hybrids. At this point it may be more about "doing the right thing" than an economic choice, but the situation should improve as hybrid costs come down and fuel prices go up. Lexus claims their batteries are good for the life of the car. They use lithium ion, which are safer and less risky for the environment, than lead acid.[/QUOTE]

You are right, but unfortunately "doing the right thing" will not do much progress here. (unless of course they’ll start ‘doing the right thing’ and pay me MORE at my job [:)])

However, government incentives to the car manufactures and owners will. Japan is a good example. Producing and owning polluting cars will cost you some serious JPY’s
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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