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I’m looking for some help. I recently purchased a 1983 500SL that was sitting for 5 years. While I’m waiting for the new fuel and brake parts to arrive, I thought I’d start to clean up the wiring. The car came with an aftermarket radio and alarm system installed. The alarm system was already partially removed. And there's my problem. The photos are of the wires in passenger side footwell. I used a tester to find find out the the thick red wires goes to fuse 12. The random connector with the yellow, orange, and red wires go to the engine bay, including the fuel injector by the WUR. I don't know what to test to see where the black wire goes. I lose it once it goes through the center tunnel. I also noticed a yellow wire was cut coming out of the fuel pump relay. I still cant figure out where any of these wires are to connect. What wires are supposed to be there, and where should they connect? Any help would be appreciated.

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