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Wiring harness & aftermarket CD player

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Hi guys,

I've bought an audio 10 CD player from Steve to replace the stock head unit[:)]. Unfortunately, the unit was defective[xx(]. Steve is nice enough to take it back[8D]. Thanks Steve!

Now I want to use an aftermarket Nakamichi CD player[}:)]. I have a few questions in regards to parts and the possibility for me to replace the unit myself.

1. I remember I need a wiring harness either VW or from the ML series. Does anyone know the part number? How much should it cost?

2. When I replaced the Audio10 it is basically plug n play operation. I am wondering whether replacing an aftermarket unit is as easy as connecting the wiring harness to the back of the aftermarket unit, then connect the other end to the W210 wiring. If not, what steps should I take? Are there diagrams for me to follow?

3. Should I just get someone to install it for me? How much does it generally cost for something like this? I am in the Los Angeles area. Or can anyone recommend someone that does a good job w/good price?

Thank you all for your time and help.
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My Becker volume control crapped out. Apparently, common problem...when you turn volume down, volume goes up, and viceversa. I'm replacing with Alpine CDM unit(comes in about 6 different versions....depends on whether you want mp3 capability, etc.). VW harness from any stereo shop or works. Only problem is you must lay the CD changer control cable under the console and back to the trunk if you want to use an Alpine 6 disc changer. Factory MB changer will not plug n play to aftermarket such as Alpine.
If you get a head unit with mp3 capability then you don't need a changer. Alpine will release, later this year (don't ask me when), a head unit that will play mp3's burned onto a DVD (don't know about the dual layer DVD Rs). I saw a price somewhere and remember it to be less than $600 msrp. If that still doesent suffice take an alpine headunit and hook up an iPod to it.
If you really need a changer and not a big fan of MP3, then Nakamichi has a head unit with buildin cd changer. I like the CD-400 front single loading unit.

Thanks for the info on the wiring harness.

Can anyone tell me whether installing an aftermarket HU in W210 is difficult? Is it as easy as installing audio 10? --> which is basically p'n'p?

Thanks again for all your help and tips.
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