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wiring diagram & vacuum pipe routing for 230te Please

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Can anyone scan from their book & email me this info .I have just re engined a car i did'nt dismantle & have got no fuel supply to fuel distibutor .I suspect i have a wrong connection on one of the many sensors or vacuum connections on the injection system .The car ran fine before having old engine removed & there is no sound from inj pump when ign is switched on or engine is turned over .I would pay a reasonable amount for time taken .
Thanks for looking Steve Elliott
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Hi there, follow the link...

Thanks for that you dont know how much i appreciate this .This car is driving me nuts !!
All the Best Steve
Just one problem the pics show a distibutor with vacuum advance ,mine has no vacuum advance on it .Is it possible this picture is for a w123 series,.
Thanks STEVE
The pictures shown are for model up to 1993. Sorry.
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