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'11 Santa Fe LTD V6 AWD-Navi, '99 CLK 320 (traded for family mover), '96 200SX (SOLD) :(
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Anyone know what the Blue wire with Black stripe on the left plug of '99 clk 320 instrument cluster is for?

As I was replacing some burnt bulbs I noticed the harness for that plug had been played with and that specific wire just kind of trails off into the dash all on it's own (the rest of the wires are still kinda sort of wrapped in the factory fabric tape).

On a side note it was funny to see the look on the face of the parts lady when I refused to "at least buy the special pulling tool" when I told her I was replacing the bulbs myself instead of them doing it. Most MB buyers around here are a little too white collar...but I'm just a sparky so what do I know :D Wait till I pick up a new steering damper, hehe.

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