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Wireless CarPlay + Wireless Charging

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I just ordered a CarLinkit 4.0 and a Sighill Wireless Car Charger for my 2022 GLC300 4Matic SUV. I have my fingers crossed. It looks like the charger will fit into the ‘astray‘ compartment and allow me to charge my phone with the lid closed. The CarPlay connection is in the center console so I should be able to hide the adapter in it. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

I’ll keep you posted.
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Are you experiencing any dropped calls? I have the same setup and while the Sighill wireless charger is awesome, not so much with the Carlinkit. It will not connect on its own about 40 percent of the time and requires me to make the connection via the settings in the cell phone. I have not had any issues with the Sighill making the phone hot.
I don’t make/get a lot of calls, so I haven’t experienced any drops. This morning I had a new issue crop up with CarlinKit. I updated my iPhone to iOS 16 the other day. This morning was the first time I was in my car and sitting in a parking lot I noticed my WiFi didn’t show up. When I tried to connect it I got a message saying that to connect to the WiFi CarPlay had to be disconnected. I don’t remember that being an issue before the iOS 16 upgrade.

To isolate the problem I unplugged the CarlinKit and connected my phone directly. No problem, both WiFi and CarPlay worked fine. The issue seems to be related to the BLUETOOTH connection which is required for CarlinKit to work. I reconnected the CarlinKit and reestablished wireless connectivity. On my way home the connection dropped for the firt time. I was unable to reestablish the Bluetooth connection.

Lots of troubleshooting ahead, and with so many moving parts (iPhone, iOS 16, CarlinKit, Benz) it’s not going to be easy 🤬
Interesting... I'm curious if you did an OS update on the Carlinkit unit? The instructions indicate that you should not do it if it's working. mine keeps freezing at this stage which has happened three times today alone. You have to make the connection in the settings of the Cell Phone, or it just stays like this. I guess I will need to do the update and if it 'bricks' the unit so be it.

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I'm curious if anyone has found a better solution than Carlinkit? The unit works intermittently at best with a failure to launch about 45 percent of the time. The newest twist is that it will launch but will no longer allow you to switch between Android/Car Play screen and the vehicles OEM screen. I was leaning towards doing the OS update but after reading Carlinkit's FB page it appears that you end up with a brick after the update. I'm more than happy to spend more money for a stable product if anyone has positive feedback on a different unit. Thank you!
Hi Kyle, I apologize for the poor description of the screen issue. When you start your GLC the MBUX system boots on the screen giving you access to audio, info, nav, etc. and then AA/Car Play launches. While both (MBUX and CarPlay) are running you can switch/toggle between CarPlay and the MBUX screen. Today Car Play launched but would not allow me to toggle between the two making it difficult to access the MBUX settings. I had to shut the vehicle down and reboot the phone to get control again. If you read the Carlinkit FB pages, you will see nothing but issues with many complaining about the outcome of updating to OS. When initially searching for the Dongle, I did notice one being offered by Crutchfield albeit more money. I'm going to reach out to them and see about the stability of the unit they offer.
Are you 100% certain it takes control of the Wi-Fi? I ask because I also have a Samsung Watch that is connected to my Cell via BT and it does not lose its connection when the Dongle launches. With your background you would know better than most.
Very interesting... Do all of the Dongles do this? I will test the aftermarket head unit in my SL Ram double cab and see if the same thing happens.
Very interesting. Thank you for the follow up. I have not had an opportunity to update the OS and will not have a chance to do so for a few days as my Wife goes into Surgery right after lunch. I suspect it will 'brick' the dongle but the way its acting now it will not be a loss. I'm hopeful that another more stable dongle can be found as I'm really spoiled with wireless. Unfortunately, I can't even test the Hot Spot as Mercedes elected to go to a GSM cellular carrier rather than the satellite system they used previously. I don't live and work in an area that has GSM service from any carrier making many of the features nonfunctional unless I leave where I live and drive into a GSM service area. Without AA/Car Play I can't text, and the Mobile App is useless...

Did you delete the previous BT connection and create a new one or did the BT connection recognize the new Cell? I'm wondering if deleting the old and creating a new BT connection might help my situation.
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