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Wired Vibrations!

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Im leaning toward my ball joints by reading past posts, but when i get off the gas or switch lanes i hear vibrations...unable to locate the location...?
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S_Class_Don said:
when i get off the gas or switch lanes i hear vibrations...unable to locate the location...?
Flex discs, engine/trans mounts, engine shocks. My car vibrated a good deal during deceleration/cornering until the discs and mounts got dealt with. Worth replacing even if they don't solve this problem.
DarkOneSK said:
Do they also refer to them as Hardy disks? or is that only for BMW?
Many sellers don't really know anything about car parts (especially on eBay!!!) and refer to flex discs for any model of car by brand names or nicknames. I've never seen that particular one, but I've seen a lot of "glupos" for sale. And ya know what? I haven't bought a one. Anyone who actually knows cars will call these parts flex discs, or sometimes driveline or driveshaft flex couplings. Anything else is a brand, nickname, or some other crap. And a great way to drive away knowledgable customers.

By the way, congrats on killing the noise, S Class Don! Flex discs and engine mounts are much easier to do yourself than ball joints anyway!
S_Class_Don said:
thanks 300...havent been replaced ever. And im second owner! 185K
Makes me feel better! I'm also the second owner of my '90 300SE, and my ball joints only have about 50K (out of a total 160K) on them! I'm not looking forward to it after replacing all eight of the front control arms in my A6 this past year, plus the swaybar links and all other associated crap... never thought I'd actually run out of gas in the low-temp torch I use for suspension work!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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