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Hello there.
Im new here, from Portugal, i got a 1986 200d w124 import from Germany, and i am facing some problems with some of the features of my car.
My wipers since i got the car (3 weeks ago) only worked on position 2 and 3, 1 wasnt working. Instant High beams sometimes worked when i pulled the leever sometimes dont. Last saturday night it was raining and suddently the wipers stopped working on any position, the instant high beam also stopped working and the squirter stopped working too.
The turn signals work fine, and the permanent high beam also works fine when pushing the leaver forward.
My first thougt was that the leever had problems , so I bought one, changed it, and it has the same synthoms, turn signals ok, permanent high beams ok, all the rest not ok. Any Ideas on what could be broken ? Checked the fuses and all looks good.
My rear window defroster isn't working aswell, when i press the button the light comes on, but when i release it, it comes off right away.
Any help would be really great.
P.S- sorry for my bad english, but it is what i learned 馃榿

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First place to visit is to replace ALL the fuses with the updated copper core ceramic style from Flosser.

The original factory fuses corrode and develop micro fissures (invisible to the eye) that causes all sorts of electrical gremlins.

Do NOT get the cheap plastic crap from China as it will melt your fusebox.

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Sounds like your combination switch is going bad. They are kind of a pain to replace, but they are a common failure item, yielding symptoms like that which you describe. As for the rear window heater, that is most probably your combination relay (located in the compartment behind the fuse box), also a common failure item.
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