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Wipers and indicators handle removing

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Hello everybody, Let me introduce myself:

My name is Israel and I' the glad owner of a 1998 R170 silver grey 230K.

My first question to you all is:

Can anyone tell me how to remove the handle that controls the wipers and indicators? My car does not have adjustable steering wheel and the plastic cover around the steering bar is fixed. I need to remove it in order to fix the flash connection because the metal is bended and cannot do it properly with the handle in its position, but cannot find the way to remove the bloody handle from there.

If anyone had any photos (maybe from the service manual) it would be great, but description of the work is also welcomed.

Thanks in advance
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I am not sure what you want to do but it sounds like you may have to pull the steering wheel off so that you can remove the indicator switch. The lever and switch are all one module. To take the steering wheel off, you just have to remove the airbag to get at the main bolt holding it on to the column.

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That's exactly what I wanted to avoid!!!, Is there anyway to do it without removing the steering wheel first? There is a window opened where the stick comes out the steering bar and I have been operating through there, but as the interruptors are connected from the front, I thought there should be a way to remove it from that other side, maybe unclipping something, if not, I will need to take it to the dealer, but they will just change the whole mechanism when there is only a metal bended.
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