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First post so be gentle !
As above wiper problem , started with the intermitant not going on till you put onto full wipe then put down to intermitant , tried sawpping over a relay , but not any better . Its now that to get any wipers i have to put onto fast wiper then adjust.
Some times they work on main wiper or intermittant some times not
Is it a whole new wiper/indicator stock i need?
anyone got/had similar problem

Update,found a second hand ML"270 one on fleabay and swopped them today
Nope no still same problem HELP ANYONE !

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Since you already replaced the combination switch, the only other thing it could be is the AAM which controls the intermittent wiper phase..

When the problem occurs, remove the fuse/relay module (steps 1-3 & 5) and with the rubberized handle of a screwdriver, tap the sides of the AAM, or squeeze the sides, and see if the intermittent wipers work.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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