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Wiper blades

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Anyone have an alternate for the $100 each "Magic Vision" wiper blades?
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For your 2017 GLS450;
Valeo Silencio 577857 Set Silencio
Front; W/o Heated Windshield Washers;
Thanks, but...

The "Magic Vision" option is the heated windshield washers. The washer spray bar is part of the wiper blade. Seems the only option is to buy bulk blade rubber, take the blades apart, and replace the rubber bits. "Back in the day" wiper blade refills were readily available and easy to install. At the rate we're going, you'll have to replace the arms, linkage and motor...

I have Valeo blades on the GLK.
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Great! (What is "Aero Refills"?)
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