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Wiper Arm hard to Pull Back, weird hinge

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I'm having a hard time pulling back my wiper blade on my 2002 e320. Manual shows that it should pull back like any car. However, when I try it, it feels like I am really fighting the springs in the arm and would have to use a good chunk of force. So far, I've just pulled it a quarter of the way and carefully turn the blade over while holding the arm up to look at it. It's quite a chore and not as easy as my toyotas. Maybe I'm just being too ginger.

Also, I notice there is this little square shaped hinge between the two springs under the arm that just moves up or down when I move the blade out of it's way. Any clue what this is or what position it should be in? I hope I didn't do anything to it.

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I bought one at the dealers 2 years ago and if I remember it was only $11 Cdn. To install, just slide it into the groove and pinch the clips on the ends to hold it on. They don't like being frozen to the windshield so if there is any frost on the car I pour some warm water on it to release it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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