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Wiper Arm hard to Pull Back, weird hinge

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I'm having a hard time pulling back my wiper blade on my 2002 e320. Manual shows that it should pull back like any car. However, when I try it, it feels like I am really fighting the springs in the arm and would have to use a good chunk of force. So far, I've just pulled it a quarter of the way and carefully turn the blade over while holding the arm up to look at it. It's quite a chore and not as easy as my toyotas. Maybe I'm just being too ginger.

Also, I notice there is this little square shaped hinge between the two springs under the arm that just moves up or down when I move the blade out of it's way. Any clue what this is or what position it should be in? I hope I didn't do anything to it.

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do i have to buy an OEM wiper blade insert to get a new wiper blade, or can i buy any wiper blade to replace the wiper blade i currently have? I think it's starting to go, and my friend, who has a bmw 330xi (i know, completely different car) had to buy just the blade insert; he tried a pepboys wiper blade from an aftermarket manufacturer and it didn't work at all. FYI mine is an E430 with a single blade (not sure if all w210's have the one blade system).
thanks for the info 87.

why are the inserts so expensive...?

so instead of buying a whole new blade, the proper thing to do would be to buy just the insert...i haven't tried putting one it a pain?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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