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Wiper, anyone been here ?

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Opposite the wiper arm and at the rear of the wiper unit (viewed with a dental mirror) I can see three phillips headed screws.<br> Two close to the corners and the third (smaller than the other two) in the middle. My hope is that removal of these screws will enable me to take the cover off the unit and introduce some fresh lubrication. I have made up a small offset screwdiver and I am able to successfully undo the screws. I am afraid to remove them totally in case I am barking up the wrong tree. Anyone been here before me.<br> Regards,<br> Dave<br>
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I should be so Linky.....

Hi Manny, thanks for the link.<br> Started this morning, ended up taking out the wiper motor and the transmission unit.<br> My type of unit is different from the one mentioned in the link. Finally managed to access the wiper arm drive shaft bearings and found them to be totally lacking in any form of grease.<br> Just hoping I can get it back in the car tomorrow.<br> <br> For anyone else contemplating lubricating this type of unit:- the whole assembly has to be removed and the top cover is held in place by 3<br> screws. Two of which cannot be accessed without splitting the unit.<br> Tks Manny<br> Regards<br> Dave
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