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So since my winter schedule began last night at 4pm, I figured it would be nice to share some of those pictures that convey the true meaning of winter; you know when the plow truck is broken or stuck!:D

I'll lead off with my own cross to bear. Some back story this: the plow truck at work is a 1984 2wd C60 dump with dual rears on highway tires. The chains have seen two seasons and are beat to a pulp -thank you tire, the plow is an electric over hydraulic Western but the old style that sucks to work on, the blade is a 10' western with lift and power angle. The warts are the truck is old and tired, the quadrant has been cobbed, the A-frame was home made,well but bears all the hall marks of best ideas.

Last year the plow snapped off when the tip caught a windrow. Poor welding doesn't even explain it, there was full penetration on the quadrant but none on the ear, it looked like caulking.

Then over the summer the boss broke the dump body off and I've been hearing for 2 months how it's coming back to be repaired, never showed but is supposedly there today. Monday will be busy. Last night I rushed after a full day at work to get the frame neatened up and ready to be mounted. Behold my winter time cross to bear:

So lets see the gaffs, cobs, make-do's, work around and abject screw ups from you guys. I'll have more photos as the season goes on. It's always a zoo at my place because I keep saying something like a 421 with a blade and a fork set would solve so many of our outside challenges. But no one ever listens.
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