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2000 CLK 320
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I am (soon) ordering new everything. Wheel hub assemblies, front lower ball joints, new drag link, motor mounts, fuel filter, steering damper, and I believe rear ball joints (not sure on those). All together, it will only cost me around$800.

But my question is, with the wheel hubs, What do you do to take them off. I Youtubed a video of a 2003 BMW 330I getting it done. It was pretty simple, all you had to do was: take off wheel, brakes including rotors, axle nut, brake shield, and use a puller to get the hub out. I was wondering if it was kinda the same set-up on the CLK?

The motor mounts will be hard to do, I understand that. What would be best to get the left one off. Un-do the drag link? and then get the mount off?
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