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winter tire

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does anyone have any ideas what the best winter tires for a GL would be, I always thought wider tires were best, but Ive been told the narrower the better for winter driving. Any ideas?
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Yes, a narrower tire is better for ice and snow, more pressure per square inch for better traction. Wide is for toboggans.

I have Bridgestone Blizzak DM-23 on my GMC Denali pickup and Toyo G-02 plus on my Escalade, both are AWD. Both have been excellent tires for both traction and wear. Both sets have about 25,000 km of wear and lots of tread left. Will probably get at least that much again with tread to spare.

The current replacement for the Toyo is GSI-5 and DM-V1 for the Blizzak. My Toyos apparently have ground up walnut shells (Micro-bit compound is marked on the sidewall) which act like mini-ice studs. Altho you can't see them, the traction is very good.

I have a new GL2013BT on order and will be installing winter tires on it. I have already ordered the Blizzak's, only because I got the best price on them. The OEM tires will be 295/40R-21 and I will be installing 265/50R-20 Blizzaks. The OD is about the same.

Hope this info helps.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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