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winter storage

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should the battery be removed for 6 mouths and if so will I have problems when I put it back in the slk.
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If you do not disconnect the battery, the parasitic draw from the car will flatten the battery in less than 6 months. I store my car for 5 months every winter - most winters I remove the battery and put it in a heated shop - top off charge every other month. I did leave it in the car and disconnected one winter, car did start after reconnection with no charging.

You will have to reset the radio code, the steering sensor and clock. Otherwise it's a non-issue to remove.

Also you need to deal with tire flat-spotting during storage. I have had success with inflating tires to 50psig (max pressure) prior to storage.


'03 SLK320
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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