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winter storage

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should the battery be removed for 6 mouths and if so will I have problems when I put it back in the slk.
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I leave the batteries in the vehicles but connect them to trickle charger controlled through a timer to charge for 20-30 minutes each day.

Last year I found that modern Australian unleaded high octane has started attacking the elastomers in my 1969 Triumph TR6, which was converted to suit the unleaded fuels of 10 years ago - I've had to upgrade it again last month to viton rubber components. I don't know how my SLK, which is nearly 20 years old would handle 6 months on stale modern unleaded fuel. If I had to store it for that long I'd follow the procedure I now use for the TR6- drain as much as possible out of the tank and use the maximum recommended dose of Sta-bil on what's left. Refill with fresh fuel at the start of next season.
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