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Windshield wiper issues

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I drove my car in the rain for the first time in quite some time last week. The windshield wipers seemed to work fine for a bit, then I started having issues with them hanging up.

I had fairly recently replaced the wiper blade and the first issue encountered was the blade was getting stuck on the edge of the windshield. So I thought the blade might be too long, and went and had another one installed, it was an inch shorter than the blade it replaced. It seemed to work without hanging up, but in about 5 minutes it started hanging up in random places on the windshield. I then noticed it was only moving in an out on 1/2 of the windshield (passenger half). After 10 minutes or so it started moving freely again, but the in and out motion is gone.

I'm guessing some gear or spacer with the in and out motion was causing the issues, and it eventually completely broke. So what broke, and how do I fix it?
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I feel your pain. I had to completely rebuild mine, as they weren't working
when I bought my '86 300E. Unlike the information provided in
202Tech - Hesitating Wiper Fix , my cap had screws holding
it on (not the clips mentioned). Anyway, I discovered that the grease inside
both the top piston area, as well as the gearbox underneath had dried.
Fortunately, the nylon gear was in great shape (not stripped, as is frequently
the case). Well I finished, and replaced the whole assembly, and it worked
perfectly. I ended up letting it set for a period of about 9 months, As I also
needed to replace the alternator, and didn't want to mess with it during the
miserable winter months (I have to work in the driveway). Anyway, after
replacing the alternator. I opted to get a new blade. It is supposed to take
a 23" blade, but (not unlike yours) it turned out to be about 3/8" too long.
So I opted for a 22" blade instead. After satisfied that it would work. I
turned on the wiper, only to find it didn't want to move across the windshield
very well (Yes, I did have water running on the windshield, at the time :) ).
Anyway. My guess is that the grease/wiper assy. probably doesn't like to
sit for extended periods w/o use. I used a white marine grease. But when I
pull it out again to fix it, I think I'll replace it with some molly grease with
graphite in it.
Regarding the wiper blade length; the following article might shed some light
on why:
1988 Mercedes 300TE Wiper System

Best wishes.

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