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Windshield washer NO Squirt DIY

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Wife comes home tells me the windshield washer is just dribbling fluid.. Pump motor is good, pull the line and I can't blow through it.. Put a garden hose on it.. and it's still just a dribble.. I try for about hour,. trying to flush the line.. Still I'm getting no where.. I don't want to pull the cowl.. so I just pull up the rubber seal, lift the cowl enough to pull the line up and see what looks to be a small filter right next to the first spay nozzle.. It's not a filter, but a check valve.. at any rate, it was clogged up.. It comes apart easy enough.. so you don't have to buy a new one.. and the best part, you don't have to pull the cowl off to get at it.. So if you've been putting off, fixing your washer.. no need to..
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I'm always trying to improve my 1999 ML430 that I ordered new back in late 1998. I have tried dozens of windshield wiper fluids over the years and by far the one listed below is the best out my opinion..

This is a concentrate that is produced in Germany and is so easy to use. You buy a few gallons of distilled water and add a small amount of this (follow directions) to the gallon (1 to 100 parts concentrate). Shake up, stir and serve over ice....SORRY..wrong forum !

Shake up and you've got a light green fluid that does an excellent job of removing haze, bug detritus and whatever else may be thrown your way.

1Z Einszett Kristallklar Premium Windshield Washer Fluid ...

I would suggest you buy one bottle first, see how you like it and, if so, order a few more....I usually have 2 or 3 for the fleet. This stuff is poisonous (read the label) so keep away from children and animals.

One caveat..when mixing add product to gallon of water, not the other way around. If you add water to product you will have TONS of suds and inability to fill the jug. When used ,you will see a few small bubbles on the wiper blades but you will have a krystal clear windshield and a pleasant smell from the solution.

If you want outstanding results, post up and spend a little extra for some silicone wiper blades. My favorites are the PIAA brand and they pair well with this solution. Very quiet and none of the chattering associated with other blades.
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bobby735.....Actually I have hauled hay in her ! Four bales for putting over new grass seed .

The 99ML430 is no show car and has never been babied.....just well-maintained.That's the beauty of the W163. It is a workhorse and my daily driver. I just stay on top of maintenance and care.

With the back seats flattened out , I have had it FULL of 20 bags of mulch from Home Depot ! That's about 400 lbs and you definitely have to readjust the mirrors! Also have hauled sheet rock mud/paint and asphalt shingles ! She is always up to the challenge. Recently hauled that was a mess ! Pair of heavy duty oversized drop cloths are always at the ready.

Sounds like for your situation, the four wheel drive comes in pretty handy. Do you use the high or low range for your farm? Only time I use mine is on dirt roads to engage and exercise the transfer case.

Would love to see some pictures of your horses and spread !
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Back to the original post....I recently had the cowling off the 99ML and removed the check valve to see if it had any debris....clean as a whistle !

It is not a pleasant job...wiggling and tugging on twenty year old plastic pieces that are just waiting to crack ! and lots of little springy clips that can disappear never to be seen again!
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Bobby, how does one go about leading horses out of the pasture with the ML ? Are you just kind of towing them very slowly ?
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