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Windshield washer NO Squirt DIY

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Wife comes home tells me the windshield washer is just dribbling fluid.. Pump motor is good, pull the line and I can't blow through it.. Put a garden hose on it.. and it's still just a dribble.. I try for about hour,. trying to flush the line.. Still I'm getting no where.. I don't want to pull the cowl.. so I just pull up the rubber seal, lift the cowl enough to pull the line up and see what looks to be a small filter right next to the first spay nozzle.. It's not a filter, but a check valve.. at any rate, it was clogged up.. It comes apart easy enough.. so you don't have to buy a new one.. and the best part, you don't have to pull the cowl off to get at it.. So if you've been putting off, fixing your washer.. no need to..
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Bobby front is very easy, rear a bit more of a pain. Some diagrams say it is driver side of firewall. On my 03 and 04 passanger side about where the rear seat belt height adjuster is behind the trim. Dont have pictures of that location but here is the front.

Also I have been using a rain x type cleaner. I have been wondering if the chemical that coats the windshield also clogs the valve? Because since using it I have had it happen to both ml’s.


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On mine there were mineral like deposits that glued the cylinder valve shut. I was using Peak Rain-off.

Here is an exploded view of the valve so others have an idea. Also if one can’t get the valve apart or it cracks while trying one can use a valve for any make vehicle as long as the tubing fits snugly, there are universal valves as well.

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Thanks Wallyo,.. now I don't have to take pics...
Could be the on the rain-x.. The inside of my valve had what appeared to be crystals..
Thanks now I know I did not rain on your parade!
Not a bad ride for just hay. Oldy enough we grow hay or at least my wife does Very very long story. But the mls are not involved at all.
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I think I used this for a Christmas card one year,.. Yes, that is a TV in the back ground..
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Looks like Mr Ed
Back to the original post....I recently had the cowling off the 99ML and removed the check valve to see if it had any debris....clean as a whistle !

It is not a pleasant job...wiggling and tugging on twenty year old plastic pieces that are just waiting to crack ! and lots of little springy clips that can disappear never to be seen again!
You can get it out by just undoing the driver side corner. But yes, you need to watch the clips. I thought the cowl had a lot of flex left, but that was 2003 and 04
Now Wallyo,.. you must understand.. That;s for Timothy grass only.. At $25 a pop, it deserves a nice ride
We/ she grow 57acres of alpha not sure what it selling at this year?

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WOW... 57 acres... nice.. We only got 16.. and only about 7 of it's pasture..
As I said it is long story, just don’t want to give impression it is all hers she owns 1/4. So about even with you.

Was her grandparents then dads and uncle’s. Then cousins and dads......

Was about 120 at the start.

But that is small for around here.
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