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Windshield washer NO Squirt DIY

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Wife comes home tells me the windshield washer is just dribbling fluid.. Pump motor is good, pull the line and I can't blow through it.. Put a garden hose on it.. and it's still just a dribble.. I try for about hour,. trying to flush the line.. Still I'm getting no where.. I don't want to pull the cowl.. so I just pull up the rubber seal, lift the cowl enough to pull the line up and see what looks to be a small filter right next to the first spay nozzle.. It's not a filter, but a check valve.. at any rate, it was clogged up.. It comes apart easy enough.. so you don't have to buy a new one.. and the best part, you don't have to pull the cowl off to get at it.. So if you've been putting off, fixing your washer.. no need to..
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Ya, Khomer.. It's not until I'm done that I think about posting anything.. I'll post a pic of the check valve's location tomorrow, when it's light outside.....

PS. I was just trying to give you a heads up... It's not the spay nozzles,.. it's the check valve that's clogged..
Thanks Wallyo,.. now I don't have to take pics...
Could be the on the rain-x.. The inside of my valve had what appeared to be crystals..
Sounds good Springer,..for a show car that's been babied.. My ML's main purpose in life is to lead horses in and out of a muddy field.. Not quite the same animal, that you and i have..
Right now, I've got a couple of 50lbs bales of hay in the back,..I guessing yours has never seen a bale...
Now Wallyo,.. you must understand.. That;s for Timothy grass only.. At $25 a pop, it deserves a nice ride
I haven't taken any pics in a long time so I'll put some old ones..
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I think I used this for a Christmas card one year,.. Yes, that is a TV in the back ground..
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Bobby, how does one go about leading horses out of the pasture with the ML ? Are you just kind of towing them very slowly ?
Yes, that was the purpose of the back bumper guard that I added a couple of months ago..
And double YES.. on MR ED.. The wife's got ED on 24/7 for the "boys"..
WOW... 57 acres... nice.. We only got 16.. and only about 7 of it's pasture..
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