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2008 R320 CDI. windshield replaced last year as it has gotten colder we noticed a rattle on rough roads that seems to be coming from the junction of the windshield and the dash on the passenger side. only way to replicate it is a rough or bumping road. but it is there. it spent the whole day at windshield shop today (good shop, used by dealer as well) and they did everything short of removing the glass again.

I read some older posts about people fixing this by filling the gap between the windshield and the body in the same area I am describing with silicone. in those cases the plastic holding clips had slipped and left a gap. I wanted to investigate this but could not figure out how to remove the lower cowling. I opened the hood, and took off the side trim but it appears as if the cowling is sandwiched between the glass/body on the bottom of the windshield?

to fully remove it I would have to remove wiper arms and a few torque screws but I'm not willing to do that until I know it's not sandwiched between the glass/body.

can someone post pics and/or procedure for removing the windshield cowling so I can investigate the lower edge of my windshield where the rattle seems to be coming from?

thank you in advance

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