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2004 Mercedes ML 270CDI W163
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HI Guys,

My Windscreen Wipers are still shuddering across the screen, this happens when they have been on for 4-5mins, regardless if it is raining hard or soft.

This is what I have done so far to try and fix it.

0. Got New MB Windscreen from MB, it was cracked so Insurance paid for this.
1. I purchased Brand New Mercedes Wipers from Dealer
2. Cleaned Windscreen with Autoglym Glass Polish
3. Used Autoglym Screenwash

I keep my truck real clean all the time, soI cant figure out why it still does it after 4-7 mins of going, maybe its the motor??

Anyone else had this after they did all the basics to try and fix it.

Thanks in Advance

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After the problem occurs, shut off the engine and wipers and then immediately start the engine and wipers and see what happens.

If the problem persists, turn the engine and wipers off for 10 mins. then restart and see what happens.

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