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I did, took it to a local tinting shop with super stellar reputation, they'd done my cars before, always an excellent job. I went one shade darker than "legal" because I want privacy uncompromised. My W140 was so dark tint, one had to be very careful at night. I'm very happy with the tint on my S550. It came with windows already tint at the factory, some sunshine protective thing. Now in daylight it is difficult to see inside the car, but not totally impossible. I just don't like people staring at me while I'm sitting at a red light.


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However, mirror tint runs a risk of blinding other drivers, especially those behind you at a stop light (or worse, approaching you and trying to judge distance). Even the black or dark gray ceramic tint reflects some. In addition, metallic tint may affect your radio reception.

Mine, with legal dark tint.
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