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window regulator cable

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O.K. we fixed the window regulator problem.

My buddy and I looked at close to 10 complete right rear window regulators, and we installed the only on still with the plastic tags, to hold the metal plate from moving side ways / opening. Unfortunately, we installed without taking a picture.
It stands to reason that broken retaining lips on the plastic may be the cause of many W201 window regulator problems.
If you look at the piece, it is assembled by MB together with the regulator, and closed for good.
The large metal closure is similar to a big steel rivet.

A little metal safety clip will keep the 2 cable ends in, and to a extent keep the metal lid / cover from turning. Two little plastic thingies on either side keep the metal cover / lid from lifting up (red circle). The only way to rotate the metal cover side ways, and get to the cable ends, is to break the 2 plastic lips which extend slightly over the metal cover (circled in red).
We installed 3 regulators, which worked for a bit, but with just a little binding, the metal cover would rotate sideways, lower the height of the window on the regulator, and keep it once again from going all the way up, leaving about a 2 1/2 inch gap open.
My Buddy Danny is so detail oriented and picky, can out German me any time.
His solution for others, who don't need to replace parts, was to install the cable ends with the metal safety clip, rotate the metal cover closed, drill a tiny hole from the back through the plastic and through the metal cover (keep away from the rail, so the piece can freely slide), and secure the metal cover with a small rivet.



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