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Window Mechanisms

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1985 380SL...Passenger door window stopped working. Husband took it apart and is now at a loss as to what to do. He has rebuilt many a motor on boats, trucks & cars. At this point the option seems to buy a new door and repaint the thing. I was actually shocked that he didn't have an answer to this dilemma, srsly!
Any thoughts on this?
Be gentle and thank you in advance.
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The window motor is easy to replace if the original is broken. Verify this by applying 12V and ground across the terminals - motor is designed to run both ways so polarity does not matter for this test. If the motor is broken, it is likely the window regulator and rails need to re-lubricated.

AutohauzAZ window motor

The regulator has a wound spring that keeps the full weight of the window in balance so the motor does not work too hard. Many times, the tab that anchors the wound spring will tear out. This can be repaired by setting a bolt in place of the anchor tab. If bench work is necessary, the window can be removed from the regulator and slid out the back of the door (after all the trim is removed). The regulator can be removed by unbolting it from every attachment point then sliding it out of the large oval shaped cutout in the inner door panel.
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