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Window channel felt

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Does anyone know a less expensive technique or product that can be used to replace window channel and felt on the windows of a W108. I am not so concerned about OEM replacement for this item when it costs about $600. Thank you
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That's Correct you need to remove the window regulators and the Windows
to change the felting : Basically you need to disassemble the entire inner workings of the window regulator and window from the door and see if the Felting channel is
still good and not rusted out , remove the old Felting channel and install the new Felting and reassemble everything >. Guess what Its a Hard Job rear doors more then the front as removing the window regulators is hard to do on the rear doors. Things are sharp and its easy to cut your hands up with this work BTW , are small Spring clips to remove and Nylon bushings to deal with.
Most People can't do this sort of work that's why it costs the big bucks if you can find someone to do it . :) O Happy Day O Happy Day song comes to mind.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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