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Window channel felt

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Does anyone know a less expensive technique or product that can be used to replace window channel and felt on the windows of a W108. I am not so concerned about OEM replacement for this item when it costs about $600. Thank you
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Window channel for W187 and Ponton

The part I bought from Restoration Specialties was 8-A-2 on page 8 of their catalog in the 96" length. It was $31 for 8' and one length did one door. They say oversize shipping applies to the 96" length but in reality, they rolled it up and there was no up charge. This beats the $50 - $60 per meter that everyone else seems to want although there are a couple of sites that will sell a 20 meter roll for about $300.00 but that is enough for two cars.
Good lead. I am bumping this for the above part # for WINDOW [email protected] Restoration specialties, as it is the very stuff for my W187 and should fit the Type 170 series of cars.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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