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Will this cause vibration?

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I found those scratches on rear drive shaft. This is from last weekend's Off-roading in Snow. No, snow didn't do this. Rocks under the snow did this.

I visually checked the shaft and didn't find any big dent or damage. Will those scratches cause the shaft to be out of balance??




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Thomas.Schumacher - 1/31/2005 4:42 PM

It looks as though there may be a missing counter weight to the far right (rear), just ahead of the Ujoint.

Any chance that had the full or much of the weight of the vehicle was on the drive shaft at any point?
That's right! Looks like a weight is missing. I will try to put wheel balance weight on it and see if it solves the vibration.

ewalberg - 2/1/2005 4:12 PM

yasu, did installing the lift help solve the drive line angle issue associated with using the rear axle off a Short Wheel Base truck?

When do you feel the vibration? and how?
No, Lift did nothing to the vibration. Lifting the car does not change the angle between pinion and drive shaft, since this car only has one trailing arm per side.
I am planning to make a bigger hole on the axle housing braket where the trail arm connects to. And then, weld a big washer on the hole to keep the axle in place. By this way, I can change pinion angle.

Before making scratches on drive shaft, I felt slight vibration at 38mph(about 60kmph). At higher speed, I couldn't feel it maybe due to other vibration. I could feel it when I was accelerating, decelerating and cruising. Now I have little stronger vibration at lower speed. It's very hard to express the sound that I hear with my limited vocabulary.

If you want to diagnose your vibration, there's a good reading regarding gears and noise at this site.

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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