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Will this cause vibration?

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I found those scratches on rear drive shaft. This is from last weekend's Off-roading in Snow. No, snow didn't do this. Rocks under the snow did this.

I visually checked the shaft and didn't find any big dent or damage. Will those scratches cause the shaft to be out of balance??




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Yasu (diehardg) the good news is that you might have bent them if you weren't driving a g.

Alan, if you find a good shop, i'd probably have mine balanced there too for good measures... as i move up to about 80mph i get a slight cycling pulsing/humming feeling which is likely related to drive shafts and such. You can't feel it when you let of the throttle, which i think people said makes sense since the powertrain isn't loaded where they're usually more noticeable under load. Nothing the passengers can notice, but something a paraoid driver can.

Custom Alignement in Mountain View does a very good job of balancing tires (and alignment to i suppose). THey say they specialize in difficult to solve vibration issues, (i'm probably being to preventative in my maintenance here) but i'm tempted to bring it there.
yasu, did installing the lift help solve the drive line angle issue associated with using the rear axle off a Short Wheel Base truck?

When do you feel the vibration? and how?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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