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Will these wheels fit?

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Hi, my friend with a C-class just took off his 19x9.5"R and 19x8.5"F Brabus replica wheels.... He had them with 265s and 235s on the C, I am thinking of mounting them on the SLK with 255/30s in the rear and 225/35 in the front.... will these wheels fit without trouble? [?]
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no you wont have any problems...

ive used a tire/wheel size calculator and the sizes you mentioned are the same overall diameter as OEM 17" staggered set up...

but you can re-check for yourself...[:)]
Fitment might not be a problem. But the wheels will be HEAVY. Increasing wear and tear on the suspensing and increasing ride harshness. At the same time you will decrease the acceleration of you vehicle.
Do the C and SLK wheels share the same offsets? If so.. then I think I will go with this...Yes I am concerned that the wheels will decrease the performance on the car..but I DO plan when having the ordering custom Iforged wheels. So I think this will do for now... [}:)]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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