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The wheels you are talking about are 1/2" wider than the wheels used and the E series W210, and you can compare to the offset specs below:

* E300/E320: 16 x 7.5” ET41
* E420: 16 x 7.5” ET41
* E430: 16 x 7.5” ET41 (before 2000); 17 x 7.5” ET41 (after 2000)
* Sport Package: 17 x 8” ET37
* Special Edition: 17 x 8” ET35
* E55: 18 x 8” ET31 front, 18 x 9” ET35 rear.

If you could test fit the wheels - that would be more comfortable for you.

I am not a fan of going oversize wheel width in this chassis, especially if later you are looking to lower the car with sport springs whihc will bring it down between 1.2"-1.6".

If you look at the E55, which are 1/2 " less wheel width than what you are talking, both the front and rear wheelwells are quite filled (note the E55 body is lower) but no rubbing issues on turns.

The could fit nicely, but what happens if you are too wide ?

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Can't test fit

Thanks Fabbris for the great info. I won't have the opportunity to try before I buy due to shipping. The seller is a wheel seller, says they'll fit. Clearly from your info, it's pushing the limit, so i won't take the chance. Much appreciated. -T

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i would be one to come out and say it wont fit. it's the front which will give
you problems. use the following tire calculators and you'll see that the rim/
tire combo brings the front out way too far. if you are determined to install
them, be aware that you're almost guaranteed to find that you'll need to
reshape the front fender lip. and like Fab implied, if lowered, any cautions
may result in definite problems. the rear tire/wheel combination are less
of a problem, clearance wise, but still should be measured and studied just
to be sure.

my favorite tire/wheel fitment...
Tire size calculator

good one showing side fits...
Wheel Offset Calculator

another good one..for MBs, showing reasonable fitments...
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