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will my 19CL rims that are on my 99 CLK 430 fit on a 03 CLK 500?

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last night my wife and i stopped in the bmw/benz/porsche dealer and looked at the new CLK500 they have. Its just like our 99 model black on black ect ect ect.... Anyway we are thinking about trading but before i go down there and see what we can do i have a few questions.

1) Will my Chrome 19" CL600 rims that are on my 99 CLK 430 fit/work on the 03 500.

2) Will the H&R springs that i have on my 430 work the 500... H&R clames the same spings for all 3 models of the old clk. 320 430 and 55..

3) will the Eisenhause race exhaust work on the 500.... Im thinking it will work if the exhaust is run in the same place.... eisenhaus says the 430
and 55 AMG are the same on the race mufflers...

so i guess the real money question is on the wheels... The muffler is not that big a deal nor are the springs.... But I do need to know something about the wheels....

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All CLKs have the same offset so yes the wheels will fit perfectly.
Thanks Frank...

Thanks Frank
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