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WILL 1997 S500 PARTS FIT IN A 1995 S500?

Hello good people how are you all doing? my name is nick and i am new to this site this will be my very first thread. i hope i am in the right place sorry if i am not. any who i just recently got 2 mercedes benz s500's. 1 is a white 1995 with grey interior. it has 191.000 original miles with a great engine and transmission.
the other 1 is a dark blue with beige interior 1997 s500 with 151.000 original miles. the 97 is broke down. the engine has a crack and is leaking oil and either needs to get replaced with a new engine or rebuilt. so it is not starting, other then that everything works on the 97.

my question is do all the parts in a 97 s500 fit in a 95 s500?
cause my 95 s500 fan clutch is going bad so the temp meter rises to red
and i haven't been driving it since this happen which was a phew days ago.
so i was wondering if i can take the fan clutch of the 97 will it fit in the 95? and will any and all other parts fit in the 95 from the 97?

thanks for all your time and answers and have a great day. :)
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