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Need to order new tires today, so I can install them tomorrow. i know that my 91 190E 2.6 uses 185/65R15 but my friend said that the 205/60R15's are much better. Someone on 190Rev said that i should go with the 205/55R15's.

My question is...
Will 205/55R15's fit on my stock 6Jx15 wheels?

If no, I'll just go with the 195/60R15's.

Thanks in advance!

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You're right. According to the Tire Rack, the wheel width should be 6.5" for the 205/55/15.

It won't let me copy/paste the URL, so go to the Tire Rack site: and select tires by size. Enter 205/55/15, select one of the brands, then select 'specs'. It will the show how tire widths fit certain size wheels.

On my aftermarket 7" wide 15" wheels, I installed 205/55's on the front, and 225/50's on the rear. They are about the same diameter, so the speedo isn't too far off.


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