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wide body Questions

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Is is possible Talbir and others on the board to do a wide body conversion with a wald body kit. I love the wide body sec, and also love the wald kit. Please let me know if this possible. I know that I would be doing a major no no as far as no going amg all the way. For application purposes, just want to know will the parts all fit together with the wald kit.
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the "wide body" commoinly referred on this board is AMG

Please note the "wide body" most often (though infrequently) on this board is the AMG conversion - which most "purists" consider the more "genuine" conversion.. since the wide body conversion with the AMG package at minimum also included the AMG suspension, wider AMG wheels, and most included AMG engine mods up to and including the 6.0 double overhead cam.

The WALD kit I have seen, was more popular in Asia and Far East, and I personally don't know what suspension and wheel mods are required .

Good luck !
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