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Why theire isn't @ w201 AMG topic on this forum?

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I have a W201 3.2 AMG and can not find under AMG somthing abouth W201 AMG

even not in W201 190 E,D Class
1982-1993 : 190 E 2.3, 190 E 2.6, 190 E 2.3-16, 190 D 2.2, 190 D 2.5, 190 D 2.5 TURBO sedan

here I also mis the 2.5 16v EVO1 and the 2.5 16v EVO2

50 of them had special AMG power pack!!!

eacht type build 500 pieces each but the W201 3.2 AMG where onl build 150 pieces.

Becaurse to low factorie build no notice of this cars?

The W201 AMG cars where world famous end 80's begin 90's in the DTM please do not forget this cars!

the W201 3.2 AMG

more pictures @

The W201 EVO1

The W201 EVO2

More pictures of EVO1 and EVO 2 @

DTM car EVO1 2.5 16v

DTM car EVO2 2.5 16v

and the most fasted car of them all at that time with 400Hp was the W201 EVO2 DTM Zakspeed AMG

manny more pictures @ under W201
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hmz a big forums like this and nobody knows the answer?
not sure, why not just goto
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