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1983 240d Euro 4-Speed, 1971 BMW 2002, 1986 Mazda b2000
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Good Day Everyone,

I joined the site a few months ago just before I purchased my 240d and (now that I'm having issues with it) thought it might be time to introduce ourselves. The car is a bare bones Euro 1983 240d 4-speed, cloth interior, crank windows, no sunroof, no AC, no Cruise Control, white... the perfect diesel, and rare only in the USA. Anybody out there know why/how these Euro W123 cars made it to the US? I know my car has been here for at least 21 years... did it just make it's way over with with the European owner? Or is there more to the story? And, was this 240d intended for taxi use by any chance?[email protected]/5153136903/in/photostream/

I'll have a few more questions tomorrow as to why my battery is completely dead after driving it all day today....

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